Kids Dance classes Fort Myers

Secret of Dance offer:

  •  For children ages 5-6 – dance development with elements of ballroom dance, hip hop, basic of choreography
  • For kids ages 7 and more ballroom dance classes
  • Youth group Salsa, Bachata

“All my life I taught children to dance….they came as chubby little serious  kids and grew up before my eyes into beautiful young ladies and gentlemen.”
children dance class fort myers children dance classes fort myers

Above are kids Alissa and Rimma in 2002 and on the right are the same students in 2012
children dance school children learn to ballroom dance
Above are my students Akerke and Dauren at 12 and then later at age 18

children learn social dance

Always, I wanted  dance will become part of my little students lives . It is not about that  they to become professional dancers, it is about that dance will be something natural for them.  I hope the dancing will make my students cheerful, opened, and  sociable with their friends. Dancing can give for children health, self confidence, good friends and ability to struggle with our occasional laziness. Dance is a door in a world of art, culture and beauty. Kids learn to compromise with each other. Boy dances with girl… Something changes in their consciousness.They begin to be tolerant and understand each other.

 What I Hope for…

I would like my young students of Dance Studio, Fort Myers, to sense their body, sense different rhythm of music and good improvisation with dance. Youth is time of activity; therefore, their bodies are in the best condition. Their fresh memories can remember all patterns of dances such as hip-hop, free style night club, line dances. Children like to dance waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha, samba, jive, rumba, salsa, bachata.

children dance together


 What Happens to the Body When Children are Engaged in Dancing?

Kids Dance for Physiology

Aerobic endurance strengthens the heart and blood vessels due to gradually increasing loads. Increasing endurance helps fight fatigue. Dancing, a student harmoniously develops  all muscles of the body. Therefore, the figures of the dancers look harmonious and sporty.

photo of young teenagers dancing

Kids Dance for Psyche

Ease of movement gives the ease of communication. Feeling confident on the dance floor, a kid begins to be confident in life. Having the will to dance can bring the ability to overcome your difficulties with patience. Group lessons are taught to work with  team and to be responsible for others.

kids dance fort myersKids Dance for Mentality

It has long been proven that dancing develops creative thinking and abilities to improvise. Over time, the creativity goes into other areas, study, work, and hobby. Dancing gives freedom of thought, besides developing and mental abilities. The combination of logic dance movements and freedom in improvisation optimizes both hemispheres of the brain by seventy six percent. Even reading books and crossword puzzles does not give such results as dancing.

children's dance school performance of the twist

There are many different dance styles that I offer in my kids dance classes of Fort Myers.  Dancing skills are very useful for everyday. We have a lot of events, weddings, birthdays, school dances and holidays. And it just provides a general sense of fun, where all people actively participate.  Nowadays, line dance is very popular. It has a certain set of movements and people from different parts of the world can dance the movements together. Dances such as hustle, night club two step and rumba teach to dance with a partner. If your intention is to go with your friends to a Latin dance club, you need to be able to dance a few basic movements of salsa, bachata, meringue. For country music it will be useful  to learn some basic elements of two-step. For nightclub dance, freestyle and hip hop are good.