Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop is a dance style. The origin of this dance style is breakdancing which began in NYC in the 1970s.

Wish you could dance to ‘Wiggle Wiggle’, ‘Worth It’, ‘Problem’ and other Hip Hop dance routines that are now very popular? Our Hip Hop dance instructor, Alissa will teach you! You will learn how to use your body for exercise while learning hip hop. At Secret of Dance, our goal is for small classes so that each student has individual attention as they learn.

hip hop dance

Learning dance provides young children with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. This is very good for young children as it will be a basis for their future.

modern dance instructor

Your age doesn’t matter, we will form Hip Hop dance groups for your convenience. Call 239-209-3609 to enroll. Or just send an email with your scheduling ideas. Group class size will be small and the fee is 10.00 per session.


children dance