Wedding Dance Lessons

Lessons for Your First Wedding Dance

The first dance is an important component of the wedding. Traditionally, a bride and groom wedding dance lessonsperform this dance with music that reminds them about the most romantic moments of their relationship. Therefore, this favorite song can create an exciting atmosphere for the couple. A bride and groom have few options to design their wedding dance:

  • traditional wedding dance without special choreography, but with use of an improvisation (changing basic rhythms, turns, movement around, changing directions, and dance tricks with lifting)
  • wedding dance using choreography within one romantic song
  • wedding dance with  changing of contrast rhythms (for example, romantic slow movement and hip-hop)
  • wedding dance – medley, consisting of several dance fragments (for example, Thinking Out Loud, Dear Future Husband, I am sexy and etc.)

Couples can decide which dances and music are preferable for them.

How to Make your First Wedding Dance Unforgettable

  • Realistically assess your capabilities and possible time for preparation of the dance.
  • Think about a bride’s wedding dress and shoes , how it fits your dance idea.
  • If you decided to chose a complicated choreography, be assured that you have enough time to learn this dance very well. On the wedding day you will be nervous, therefore the dance routine can fly out of your head.
  • Don’t be scared to learn new steps. It is not so difficult as it seems at first. The result will excite you definitely!

And remember that it is your first wedding dance, not a show. Despite the choreography, the dance have to be natural and thrilling for you!

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Wedding Dance Lesson Fees

45 minute private lesson and instruction $60

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